Global Innovation Spaces Network

The Connectory Spaces are co-creation spaces and communities dedicated to driving IoT innovation. The global Connectory network reaches from Chicago, U.S.; Guadalajara, Mexico; Stuttgart, Germany; Curitiba, Brazil to Shanghai, China.

Built by Bosch and Local Partners

The Connectory network is built by Bosch in partnership with innovation hubs located in the regional technology ecosystems, all with the goal to drive co-innovation in the digital age across industries. 

The spaces feature a mix of startups, corporate projects, mentoring, technology and educational resources. Additionally, partnerships with universities, city based partners and corporations are facilitated. 

The Connectory spaces become a facilitator to develop new business models, products and services through its partnership communities. 

Connect with our Global Innovation Community

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Chicago Connectory

The Chicago Connectory focuses on building communities in mobility solutions, smart city, Industry 4.0 and connected construction. This location provides an immersive IoT experience to educate on the possibilities of IoT and to encourage collaborative business solutions among its partners within the greater business community.

Guadalajara Connectory

The Guadalajara Connectory focuses on building communities in mobility solutions, smart city, mining, agriculture and Industry 4.0. This location is the first IoT innovation space in Jalisco, Mexico, providing the resources necessary to educate and enable a diverse group of startups and organizations collaborating to build future solutions in IoT. 

Stuttgart Connectory

The Stuttgart Connectory focuses on digital supply chain and logistics, data-driven technologies and the future of information technology. This location enables startups and corporate partners to drive new business models in IoT.

Shanghai Connectory

The Shanghai Connectory focuses on building communities in mobility solutions, smart home, smart community and Industry 4.0 . The Shanghai Connectory is designed and established to create a vibrant and connected local IoT ecosystem in China, which will consist of a mix of collaborative partners, start-ups, investors,  entrepreneurs, and industry associations. 

Curitiba Connectory

The Curitiba Connectory is the first Connectory location in South America. It was created in partnership with Bosch and Distrito Spark CWB. The mission is to build a connected world and the space focuses on building communities around the internet of things, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, digital transformation and agribusiness.