What We Offer

Be part of our Innovation Community!

Check out this page to learn more about what the Connectories Locations have to offer and what they are currently working on.


Join our Growing Ecosystem of IoT Innovators. We offer membership for individual and teams, members benefit from access to an active community invested in digital and AIoT.

Co-creation and Partnership

Our goal is to work collaboratively with Startups, Entrepreneurs, Universities and Partners to create an innovation ecosystem.We want to develop projects and initiatives together, know more about our global network and get in contact with us.


Digital Solutions

The Connectory Digital Solutions offers leading edge digital engineering and software development platforms that apply progressive collaboration models. Our solution is highly flexible and adapts to your needs, project requirements and product maturity.


Meetups, Hackathons, workshops, lives, meetings and much more. We invite you to be part of our events, as well as to host an event together with us. You can visit each Connectory location website to know more, follow us on social media to stay tuned and get in contact if you would like to partner for a joint event!

Educational Experience

One of the core pillars of the Connectory Community is ‘Educational Experience’.  We provide a wide set of learning opportunities.


Networking & Collaboration

A space for collaboration and contact where you, your company or startup, together with us, will grow by sharing skills and knowledge with other members of the Community. We belive in the power of the exchanges and network!