News: The Connectory Brasil – Our locations in South America

Co-create, Network, and Learn in a Space Dedicated to IoT Innovation

In an era marked by the dissolution of physical barriers and the proliferation of digital connectivity, the concept of the Connectory has evolved to encompass all of Brazil. This transformation has been made possible by the digitalization of our ecosystem, opening up avenues for collaboration and partnership that were once constrained by geographical constraints. The mission of the Connectory is clear: to foster a connected world where connections and partnerships are the catalysts for accelerating innovation, thereby creating a tangible impact on the development of groundbreaking solutions across startups, companies, universities, and the broader community.

The journey of the Connectory in Brazil began in 2019 with the establishment of the Curitiba Connectory, a pioneering initiative in South America. This endeavor was brought to life through a collaborative effort between Bosch and Habitat Senai, and it found its home within the Industry Campus at the Federation of Industries of Paraná. The Curitiba Connectory placed its primary focus on key areas such as AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things), Mobility, Industry 4.0, and Open Innovation. Its overarching objective was to nurture a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit by forging partnerships with other companies, startups, universities, research institutes, and organizations.

Fast forward to 2023, and the Connectory model has flourished with the inauguration of the Campinas Connectory. This marks an exciting expansion of the Connectory’s proven success across Brazil and the Latin American region. However, the Campinas Connectory extends beyond physical spaces; it serves as a dynamic hub offering an array of innovative services that drive the creation of new partnerships and businesses. Housed within the Bosch DigiHub in Campinas, its primary mission is to not only cultivate the regional innovation ecosystem but also to propel the emergence of new digital ventures. The focus areas for collaboration at the Campinas Connectory span Mining and Agriculture, Mobility, Industry 4.0, Digital Services, and the application of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things solutions.

At the heart of the Connectory’s mission is the development of innovative digital solutions. This mission is accomplished by engaging Bosch employees and partners, including startups, companies, and universities, who share a passion for the Connectory’s thematic areas. Whether in Curitiba, Campinas, or any other region of Latin America, the Connectory is committed to realizing this goal through co-creation events, educational experiences, and the active acceleration of innovation projects.

Moreover, the Connectory opens its doors to a wider audience through a series of inclusive events designed to engage and educate those interested in the innovation ecosystem and Bosch IoT. These events include meetups and tours, providing valuable opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing.

For those eager to stay informed and participate in the Connectory’s vibrant ecosystem, a schedule of events and activities is readily accessible on their website, LinkedIn page, and Sympla page.

For those who wish to take an active role in shaping the future of innovation, the Connectory team extends an invitation to collaborate and propose joint actions. The Connectory is open to forging new partnerships and exploring novel approaches to collaboration. Together, let’s build new solutions and usher in a brighter future with the Connectory Brasil!

If you are looking to be part of an innovative IoT community, the Guadalajara Connectory is the perfect space for you.

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